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Firstly, I want to extend gratitude to Jodi-Ann Whitehorne, Dainya- Jay Hayden, Avn Fullwood and Chinelle Miller that took the time out of their extremely busy schedule to come to iRose inTech program to verbalize about career choices.Jodi-Ann is currently a Data Analyst and a Developer and she has a likable personality. She spoke about imposter-syndrome,background and changes in career path. Dainya-Jay is currently an Accountant, she has a very fascinating, decorous, flabbergasting, great hearken personality. Avn is currently an event planner and a decor & signage and she’s also considering to make her own decoration, she has a well-rounded, self-centered, kindhearted and solicitous, includer personality. Lastly, Chinelle is currently studying medicine and is indecisive of her future career path and is willing to take the chance  and go wherever life leads her, she has an individual and secretive personality.

Career for me is the progression and actions taken by an individual throughout a lifetime, especially those related to that person’s occupations. A career is often composed of the jobs held, titles earned and work accomplished over a long period of time, rather than just referring to one position. Which leads to Career Discovery.

Doing numerous investigation on careers, I have concluded that career discovery is a process of extracting and identifying your personal characteristics and preferences, through self reflection, complemented with tools such as psychometric assessments.                                                                                  The panelist have educated me alot about career choices. It was prominent to hear about the common pitfalls, hitches and glitches of pursing your career and knowing it is acceptable to make a few natural mistakes, but this doesn’t mean your mistake defines you, it is for you to learn and move on. I feel much more comfortable about avoiding errors in my future strategies. Thanks to the experienced panelist for their advice. I cherish the stepping stones about changes you make and not being confident of what exact path you want to embark on. I’m ready to get back up, brush of the dirt and continue on my journey to excellence.



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  1. It was a blessing to have shared in this discussion with you. This is an amazing, well written article. Continue blogging! I am looking forward to reading what you have to share.

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