Why I joined iRose in Tech?

My name is Aaliyah Latouche and I’m apart of the  iRose in Tech program. It all started, when I was at home on a Saturday afternoon. I received  a call from my older brother, Leonard Latouche and he asked me to go by the Rollins Enterprise commonly known as the Hyden Building.  He informed me about what was happening while we were approaching the stairs. However, I didn’t fully comprehend what he was saying and as such I decided to ask someone in charge. A gentleman informed me about the program,however, I had no interest and decided to go back home. My brother insisted that I join the program as opportunities like this only comes around once in awhile. I decided to take my brother’s advice and join the program.This is the reason why I’m currently apart of this program.


The young ladies at the iRose in Tech launch day.


I’d like to thank Youth Can Do I.T (YCDI), iRose InTech, Sandals Foundation and Coca-Cola  for providing this wonderful opportunity.

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